• Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy


The Clinical Pharmacy projects of CHRISTUS CEI are aimed at improving the safety and quality of life of the patient through the rational use and efficient of the medicines, alongside with the implementation of the highest quality national and international standards, advising our partners on projects with a comprehensive, operational, and strategic vision, delivering tangible and high-impact results, based on evidence and not opinions.


Through a scientific, collaborative approach and with the management of drug use, we provide our partners with solutions based on the experience and reality of information, that enables accelerated implementation and capture of results through effective, safe, and appropriate patient-centered therapies that improve quality, experience, and therapy adherence.

Our solutions are based on a comprehensive vision in health, creating tangible and high-impact results through a multidisciplinary perspective in the rational use of resources where the patient is at the center.


Regulatory issues

We handle regulatory and normative updating strategies with the correct use and application of pharmaceutical legislation and related health supplies.

Coordination of the pharmacist in outpatient consultation

The pharmacist will collaborate with the health team to advise the patient in relation to their pharmacological treatment and address any questions regarding the consumption of food or herbal products and possible interactions with their medicines.

Essential drug list management

It directs and manages the use of drugs and health supplies inside the hospitals or clinics that is related to the actual usage.

Utilization management

It focuses on assessing the medical necessity, its adjustment, and its efficiency and effectiveness in using procedures, services, and facilities focused on healthcare.

Management of the transition of the newly discharged patient

It is responsible for the follow-up of the newly discharged patient and for preventing or reducing the likelihood of his or her return to hospital.

Telephone case management

Telephone case management seeks to track the treatment and control of chronic outpatients.

Therapy rounding

Working directly, in collaboration with the specialized medical team of the area, it is expected that the therapy rounding will permit the reduction of waste of drugs, optimizing their use to the maximum, achieving more precise therapies and will less toxicity.

Therapeutic substitution

From the perspective of patient safety and pharmacoeconomic parameters, the aim is to solve the need for medicines due to lack of stock or the patient’s own characteristics.

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