The CHRISTUS CEI Purchasing Group is an entity created to support health care providers, such as hospitals, clinics, and medical offices, in all their purchasing processes. This is achieved through negotiations with manufacturers, service providers and third parties seeking to improve business conditions through the aggregate sum of volumes of member hospitals. Similarly, information analysis services are offered that seek to identify opportunities for operational efficiencies and possible clinical conversions, taking as their main objectives to maintain or improve the quality of service to the patient and generate savings for the member, which can be implemented with a team with more than 40 years of experience in the area of supply chain of the health sector.


CHRISTUS Center of Excellence and Innovation, through innovative solutions seeks to ensure and improve the quality and safety of treatment for all patients. Our value proposition and projects are born from the development of solutions that promote and guarantee the same attention to all our communities. In this environment, technology transforms into our ally and “travel companion” to achieve such results.

We strive to develop collaborative environments, where all health ecosystem actors can contribute their ideas, concepts, and challenges, to jointly seek the best of solutions to our communities.

We understand that collaborative environments are the catalyst that will enable us to accelerate the transformation of the health sector and be at the forefront of solutions that transform the lives of the people, their families, and the communities in which they live. Obtain proposals in less than 8 months, support entrepreneurs in growth and implement value solutions for our communities.


CHRISTUS Center of Excellence and Innovation Consulting team offers the industry vision and strategic perspective required to address health sector challenges through efficient transformation processes.

We focus on delivering tangible, high-impact results, based on evidence, not opinions…

The Health Delivery Sector is going to face a situation where it will have no clear solutions to its strategic challenges. Our professionals and their recommendations are based on rigorous analysis, in-depth research, and an understanding of market dynamics. We do not allow anything to compromise this discipline, the objective approach. We value facts, not assumptions.

We help translate strategies into actions that lead to desired results. Because a brilliant idea is as good as its implementation.

Our collaborative, project-based approach is designed to develop our clients’ capabilities by providing:

  • High-level professionals with industry knowledge, experience, tools, and support address specific pain points and move forward with confidence.
  • To complement our team’s deep industry experience, our consultants have extensive experience in Health Sector who have “field” experience in both strategic and operational direct management and advisory and provide a practical, real, and relevant perspective for engagement.
  • Processes and methodology that integrates analytical rigor, detailed analysis, and rapid execution.

Health Research

Research is the energy, essence, and support stone on which we begin to build innovation. For us research is tangibility, reality, and facts. All our efforts are aimed at enticing that research projects have a palpable reality in society.

With the vision of driving science for the benefit of people’s health, the Health Research Unit works with experts from various disciplines and organizations to accelerate the generation of health knowledge and its transfer to the community.

We collaborate with Universities, Research Centers, Health Industry, and researchers at the particular level, selecting ideas, protocols and projects that seek to be frontier science in the field of health.

Clinical Research Unit

CHRISTUS CEI provides necessary guidance and support services to affiliated researchers who are committed to providing innovative and advanced clinical care options to their patients.

Through our regional research offices, CHRISTUS CEI makes available basic and auxiliary services necessary for the successful overall realization of phase II-IV clinical research for drug and medical device development for the industry.

Our vision is to consolidate the first clinical research institute with Pan American reach whose patient-centered approach provides you with quality care through innovative research and advanced clinical care options, conducted in a responsible and ethical manner.

Business Intelligence

Christus CEI has the vision of using public health information, and private information obtained by companies in the health industry, to build actionable indicators and metrics, bringing them into the sight of people who make administrative and operational decisions in order to improve the quality of care and satisfaction of patients and medical personnel, and additionally create a data-driven culture using next-generation tools to support descriptive and predictive analytics.

All this through a highly trained and perspective team in multiple areas such as operations, quality and medical safety, finance, etc. focused on the healthcare industry.

With years of experience in data collection, analysis, and transformation, as well as the design, development and implementation of dashboards, the team is able to bring business intelligence to users in all areas of the company.

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