Terms and conditions

This terms and conditions (Hereinafter “THE TERMS”) shall be understood as the agreement between Christus Latam Hub of Excellence and Innovation, S.C. (Hereinafter “CHRISTUS CEI”) and any user of this website (Hereinafter “THE WEBSITE”).

Any person accessing “THE WEBSITE” shall be considered as a “USER”, therefore expressly accepting all terms and conditions contained herein in full.

If the “USER” has any objection with “THE TERMS” such “USER” must cease to use “THE WEBSITE”.


“CHRISTUS-CEI” makes available certain information owned by the latter or third parties (Hereinafter “THE CONTENT”).

Any use of “THE WEBSITE” shall not represent or be construed as granting any license or selling of intellectual property rights of any element of “THE CONTENT”.

“CHRISTUS-CEI” reserves the right to modify any element or information related or comprising to “THE CONTENT” and “THE WEBSITE”, without prior notification.

Restrictions and use of “THE CONTENT”

The “USER” shall use any of “THE CONTENT” and “THE WEBSITE” in compliance with applicable law, this agreement, and the “CHRISTUS CEI” Ethic Code.

The “USER” shall use “THE WEBSITE” and “THE CONTENT” without breach of any right or interest of “CHRISTUS CEI” or any third-party related directly or indirectly to the latter.

“THE USER” shall not:

  • Use any element of “THE CONTENT” for any activity in breach of any law, public order principle and any guidelines or instruction dictated by “CHRISTUS CEI”;
  • Copy, divulgate, modify, reproduce, or use with or without any profit purpose any of “THE CONTENT” included in “THE WEBSITE”, unless such “USER” has prior written authorization given by “CHRISTUS CEI”.
  • Use or modify any trademark, logo, commercial ads, commercial names owned by “CHRISTUS CEI” or any third-party with a liaison with “CHRISTUS CEI”, unless such “USER” has prior written authorization granted by “CHRISTUS CEI”;
  • Delete any portion of “THE CONTENT” and or evade any safety mechanism aimed to protect “THE WEBSITE” or its information.

The “USER” shall be obliged to observe, respect, and acknowledge all the intellectual property rights derived from “THE CONTENT” and information pertaining to “THE WEBSITE”.

Under no circumstance, “CHRISTUS CEI” shall be deemed responsible for any problem or damage that any hardware or software may have when accessing or using “THE WEBSITE”.

Limitation of liability

Under no circumstance, “CHRISTUS CEI” or any of the employees, directors, officials, or representatives shall be considered liable for any damage or consequence for the use of “THE WEBSITE”.

“CHRISTUS CEI” does not control nor makes any warranty of the absence of any virus or any other element that can produce or cause any alteration or damage on the software or hardware of any “USER” or any electronic document stored in such hardware and software.

External content and third-party sites

“CHRITUS CEI” reserves the right to publish or suggest any webpage or third-party materials that may be for interest of any of the users, however, “CHRISTUS CEI” shall not be deemed responsible for such external information or third-party contents as well as any access or use of such information.

“CHRISTUS CEI” shall not be responsible for any source, use or destination of any of the links pertaining to any external or third-party website. “CHRISTUS CEI” shall not assume or take any responsibility upon the content of such external or third-party websites nor any of its contents.

Prohibition to access “THE WEBSITE” and “THE CONTENT”

“CHRISTUS CEI” may deny or prohibit any access to “THE WEBSITE” at any moment and without prior notice, to any “USER” for any reason, including any “USER” performing a wrongful use of “THE CONTENT” or that commit any breach of “THE TERMS”.

Permanence of “THE CONTENT”

“THE CONTENTS” of “THE WEBSITE” are provided by an indefinite period, however, “CHRISTUS CEI” may delete, modify, interrupt any of “THE CONTENT” at any moment without prior notice.


If “CHRISTUS CEI” were to be sanctioned or condemned by any authority in any legal proceeding regarding any civil, criminal, administrative or any kind of responsibility for any action of a “USER”, the latter shall pay to “CHRISTUS CEI” without 15 calendar days from the received written notice, the sanctioned amount as well as any other expanse executed by “CHRISTUS CEI”.

General considerations:

Form: “USER” accepts and acknowledges that a printed version of “THE TERMS” and any electronically sent or received communication shall be deemed to be admissible as a proof in any legal or administrative proceeding.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction: “THE TERMS” shall be governed by and construed by the laws of Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, thus, the parties shall submit any claim or dispute to the competent courts of such city, waiving any other jurisdiction.

Severability: If any provision herein contained is found to be unenforceable or invalid under any applicable law, such provision shall be substituted by a valid term and shall not render “THE TERMS” invalid or unenforceable as a whole. The remaining terms shall continue applicable to the parties.

Reserved rights: Any right or prerogative not expressly referred in “THE TERMS” shall be considered to be reserved in favor of “CHRISTUS CEI”.