CHRISTUS Excellence and Innovation Center, all together with its alliances, promotes and incentivizes the investment in the HealthTech industry, to adapt and address the evolution of the health care services through diverse technologies.

Digital platform as a mobile application to monitor and track the relevant clinical parameters that promote the prevention and care of the population with diabetes.

Platform that emerges with the purpose of attending the need of collaboration between the researcher and the health industry, universities, research centers, and government entities.

Digital market platform that provides up to date information of the emerging technology landscape, innovations, entrepreneurs, and venture capital markets.

BedsideXR and HolocareXR provide cutting edge technology that leads change in Quality, Security, and Security and a sustainable environment fomenting higher confidence on the medical services and the decisions using data visualizations.

Increase the quality of life of the patients through the rational use of medications, optimizing and assuring the pharmacological treatments.

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